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[SOLVED] Forums and Browser Incompatibilities

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  • [SOLVED] Forums and Browser Incompatibilities


    It has come to my attention that certain browsers are having a hard time with the forums. In these cases the following things are occurring:
    • Most of the buttons at the top of the screen (like Register) are not viewable or available.
    • When viewing a post, replies are sometimes not visible.
    • When viewing a sub-forum the "Last Post" column is not updated correctly.
    • Forum Icons (the little inbox bins) are not visible.
    I wanted everyone to know about the issue and that I'm working on a solution, though it may take some time. In essence, I need to re-code large portions of the site to make them more compatible with older browsers.

    You can help by posting any issues you've experienced -- I would definitely appreciate the input.

    Thank you for you patience and I'll update this post as I make progress.


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    Re: Forums and Browser Incompatibilities


    We've been able to resolve these issues for a number of users and in all cases, it was related to one of the following:
    • Browser Security Settings
      • Try adding the OTMFAQ site ( to a trusted security zone -- specifically in Internet Explorer.
    • Browser Toolbar / Anti-Popup Settings
    • Installed Antivirus / Anti-Spyware Settings
    • Anti Web Advertising Settings and Extensions
    • Network Proxy and/or Web Filtering
      • Try accessing directly (at home or hotel) without going through your network proxy or web filter. If this works, ask your Administrator to add the OTMFAQ site ( to the exclusion list (or whitelist).
    Please try the above changes and post here if you're not otherwise able to solve. I'll do my best to help you -- though please realize that the vast array of Browsers, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and Web Filtering products makes this difficult to test. So far, we've tested and confirmed that the OTMFAQ site works with the following browsers:
    • Camino 1.0.x
      • Note: had to disable "Block web advertising" in the Web Features tab.
    • Firefox 1.5.x
    • Firefox 2.0.x
    • Internet Explorer 6.x
    • Internet Explorer 7.x
    • Safari 3.x