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Howto: Get the Latest OTMFAQ Posts via RSS Readers

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  • Howto: Get the Latest OTMFAQ Posts via RSS Readers

    Got an RSS Reader or Trillian Pro? Want OTMFAQ's latest posts to appear with your contacts? Read on...

    Firstly you need to have the News RSS Plugin installed, from the Trillian Website (Link)

    Run the downloaded program to install the plugin, then goto File -> Preferences -> Plugins and add the RSS plugin.

    Click News listed under plugins in the left menu and then click Add Custom Feed and fill in as follows:

    Title: OTMFAQ Forum - Latest Threads
    Location: otmfaq/forums

    Then click add and under the View menu you will see My Web, which will display the latest OTMFAQ Forum threads.

    Note this requires Trillian Pro and will not work with the standard version of Trillian.

    For other RSS readers, you can just use the following RSS url:
    Oracle OTM / G-Log GC3 Community Forums
    Note: I'll update this thread as time goes on I'll post screenshots and instructions for additional RSS readers. Personally, I use Firefox/Thunderbird for Windows and NewsFire/Vienna for the Mac.

    Hope this helps!


    (Also - a special thanks to the TS3 forum, where I found the basis for these instructions -- CP).
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