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OTM automate password reset | Self-service password recovery

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  • OTM automate password reset | Self-service password recovery


    I am trying to automate the password recovery in OTM, where in case any user forgets the password he can recover his passowrd by receiveing the same over email (or messgae centre).

    I understand one way to automate could be through cmd:

    ./ /otminstalledpath/glog/config/ DOMAINNAME.USER NEWPASSWORD all

    but this cannot be used from UI / email and hence the users might not be able to use it.

    Is there any way this can be accomplished ?


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    We've investigated this as well some time ago, and this not is possible in OTM. In OTM Cloud this is all solved, because here you create a Cloud account first, which then lets you log into OTM without entering any further credentials. In the Oracle Cloud environment, you can click a 'reset password' button to regain access, but this is separate from the OTM credentials which will remain unchanged. We have developed a Credentials Manager some years ago in our evolv platform that works very similar to Oracle Cloud, in that after login you can access several other application (such as OTM) and the credentials are passed on using an LDAP server.


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      Many Thanks Lourens for your inputs.