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    looking for center cost concept in OTM, how we can configure for cost. For example we have two location and then which location need to pay based on cost center.

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    This can be done with the General Ledger functionality within OTM. These can be assigned to cost elements on shipments, order releases, bills and invoices. They are determined based on how you configure the General Ledger Key Components (the basis on which you want to determine GL codes) and General Ledger Lookup Keys.

    Once you have those two things configured, you can then assign the GL Lookup Keys to the General Ledger Codes themselves (under Financials). Once all is configured, you can then Assign the GL codes via the UI or from within workflow. GL codes can be assigned based on shipment location (Source or Destination) or based on the locations on the order releases.


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      Hi bmj_23,

      Thank you so much for your reply.

      Here is my scenerio:-
      we have two location based on cost center of shipment need to pay either from source location or dest location.
      and also need to pay based on percentage of the cost.

      For example.

      1 shipment has 3 order release .-oR1,OR2,OR3
      OR1 need to pay -20%
      OR2 need to pay -30 %
      OR3 need to pay -50%.

      How we can assign the percentage on order release which need to pay.

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        Ok, before you can assign the GL codes to the order releases, you need to allocate the shipment cost to the associated order releases. To do this, you need allocation rules and allocation rule profiles defined on the associated service provider. When you then allocate the shipment cost, it will allocate those costs based on weight, volume etc to the order releases and order release lines. Once that cost is there, the GL codes can be assigned. If the standard allocation rules don't match your needs, you are most likely to be able to do that with Direct SQL Update calculations within workflow.


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          Hi bmj_23,

          Thank you so much , i will try and let you know .