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Regarding distance calculation

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  • Regarding distance calculation

    Hi Team,

    Is there anyway to find out distance between order release source and destination locations as soon as order is created in OTM. Please let me know.


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    Yes that should be calculated then only you can proceed to further steps. Either that should be already defined in OTM System under lane distance or External distance engine has to be integrated.


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      Hi Vikram,
      Ideally the distance calculation happens, when the Order Release is selected for planning; the planning engine while performing the logic of order bundling & rating will try to see the rate distance to calculate the distance and match up the available services that are present on a lane with respect to carrier & rate. So this distance calculation happens during planning; but, if you want to know the distance even before planning but after Order Release creation, try to invoke an agent with agent type Order Release created and try to see if there is a workflow defined to calculate distance.



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        You can probably achieve this with some clever Direct SQL Update workflow (I don't think there is a standard way of doing that in the workflow) - but before embarking on that, I would really question the need for this ? What is the use case that requires you to see the source to destination distance between the locations at the order release level ?


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          Hello, you can achive this by planning a temp Shipment captur the distance and then unassign the order, thereby shipments get destroyed automatically. You must create one order one shipment.


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            Vikram you just want distance you could potentially invoke java class to pass source and destination along wth lat and long to your external distance engine. Just like find distance in OTM
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