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Withdraw tender Error

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  • Withdraw tender Error


    While withdrawing the Tender of the shipment, I am getting an error saying -
    The shipment or the tender collaboration is not in a correct state for the action to be performed. Status value for SECURE RESOURCES : SECURE RESOURCES_TENDERED.
    I am not getting how to resolve it. I have checked the Tender Collaboration of the shipment from back-end but NO DATA is been found under it.

    So please help me in resolving the issue and how to proceed further to do the same.

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    - What's your current SECURE RESOURCE status, if it's TENDERED - check Transmission Manager for TenderResponse(As elementName))/990 and start debugging why it didn't flip it
    - It's not TENDERED - you cannot withdraw tender.
    - Your last bet - Direct SQL update SECURE RESOURCE to WITHDRAWN or NOT STARTED

    Vinoth Gopalakrishnan
    Reach out for OTM/GTM - Transportation/Logistics and Blockchain Consultations/Strategy


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      Hi Vinoth,

      - There were two shipments of which current SECURE RESOURCES status of one of the shipment was TENDERED whereas for the other one it was ACCEPTED.

      I opted your last option and did the Direct SQL update and performed similar actions again from front end, now its executed perfectly.

      Thanks a lot for your help and support.