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Logic behind OTM Container Optimization Tool - 3d Load Config

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  • Logic behind OTM Container Optimization Tool - 3d Load Config

    Hello All,

    Today we were trying to plan out an order on an equipment that has the following container dimensions for TL, L: 1360 CM, W: 245 CM, H: 270 CM. Overall our freight had 23 ship units with a total weight of 4600 kg (see the exact freight dimensions attached). We've done the math on paper and based on our calculations the freight fit into the respective container. However whenever we did the loan planning in the 3D Load Planning tool in OTM it always said that it won't fit into one, but only in two containers.

    What I would like to ask if any of you has an idea why that happens? What is the logic behind OTM's modeling. Behind the dimensions of the freight does it take into consideration the weight distribution in the container itself, more specifically how the freight is distributed also on an axis level of the truck?

    In an external tool we got a similar result, yet there we managed to reconfigure the freight in such a way so that it fit into one TL truck. Furthermore even if the distribution of weight is considered in the equation of the modeling I think that for a freight that is only 4600 kg that shouldn't be an issue.

    Many thanks in advance!


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    Try to set the logic parameter IS LENGHTWISE ORIENTATION FIRST = False

    Your ship units for which the lenght < 122, these SSU need to be placed withdwise instead

    Regards ,
    Ambroise Philip