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11yrs Since My Last Post

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  • 11yrs Since My Last Post

    Good Day All,
    It has been 11 years since my last post so its good to be back. My old email was deactivated so good by samuellevin_mavenwire ID. I am delighted to see this forum flourishing as it started as just a little FAQ on our MavenWire website and look how far it has come. Keep asking and keep sharing all!
    Best Regards
    Sam Levin

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    Great to see you back Sam! I am new to OTM and just finished watching your podcast series with Chris. It was extremely helpful! I'm seeking more learning material, as I'm hoping to be OTM certified by the end of the year. Do you have any advice or preparation material that will further my knowledge of OTM and help me on the exam? I've found that MW used to put out a lot of great learning content, but it seems most of it has been removed from the web and any links that I find are broken :/

    Any help at all would be appreciated!!