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Like our new home page?!?

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  • Like our new home page?!?

    Well, I've finally done it! I've gotten rid of that UGLY "click here to continue" home page!!!

    (Before I go on - you did see the home page, didn't you? If not, hit now!)

    I've always had several things planned for the OTMFAQ site. Forums, file and document sharing, possibly a wiki and blogs... What can I say - I'm an overachiever

    Seriously, though. The new page helps to bring the site together, links in all other (soon-to-come) modules and provides an easy place to view the latest news and posts.

    Let me know what you think and PLEASE feel free to give me feedback (good, bad, requests, whatever).


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    Re: Like our new home page?!?

    Hi Chris,

    I'm new to your web site and quite impressed. I'm an account representative for an IT consulting company in St. Louis. I just had a client inquire as to whether my company could find any technical people with Oracle OTM TMS GC3. I did a Google search and you came up. I registered to be able to contact you. I apologize to you if you are offended in any way, but I am trying to learn about OTM TMS GC3, and most of all, find someone who may be looking for a job and willing to come to St. Louis. Please let me know if I am correct, Oracle bought GC3 and launched it as a product about a year ago. Would technical people with experience in GC3 have the technical ability that my client is looking for? I would appreciate any help you can give me.



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      Re: Like our new home page?!?


      Hello! I'm glad you found our community and I'm sure it'll help you find the help you need within our community. You're correct - the original company was G-log and the product was named GC3, which started development in 1999. In November of 2005, Oracle purchased G-Log and renamed the product OTM (Oracle Transportation Management).

      I try hard not to let my company (MavenWire) overrun these forums, as I want them to be open to the entire community (OTM SIG, customers, clients, consultants, etc). I'll contact you offline to discuss the opportunity, but I also encourage you to post in our "Positions Available" section near the bottom of the forums. While there aren't very many OTM Technical resources out there - that's one of the best ways to reach them.