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    The Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker could be you beat in this tournament. As the No. 5 seed, he also looked strong in the opener from Michael Porter Jr.. The last matchup of Nba 2k21 Mt the quarterfinals will feature two guys effective at talking some garbage, but who proved they have deep skills on 2K. NBA 2K Players Tournament Results: Sunday's First Round Winners Include Devin Booker, Andre Drummond.

    Sunday night brought us the rest of the first round of the NBA 2K Players Championship outcomes. When most games kept up the theme of a single player dominating and lots of trash talk, viewers finally got to see a game go to the final buzzer. Here's a look at which players proceeded on to the quarterfinals.

    That made things fun to watch as they left remarks about themselves and their teammates during the sport. "This match is rigged," Sabonis said when Myles Turner was too slow to chase a participant on a quick break. By the fourth quarter, Harrell had expanded to a 60-37 guide as Sabonis was unable to locate any success with his shots. Harrell maintained up the lead as Sabonis eventually fell, 73-51.

    The next matchup of the night was easily the tournament's best up to now. It had been No. 4 seed Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz and No. 13 seed Rui Hachimura from the Washington Wizards. Hachimura went with the Los Angeles Lakers and Mitchell went with the Brooklyn Nets. Obviously, Mitchell had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to utilize virtually, but that would not be the case in real life for the Nets. The two players had a competitive first quarter, trading baskets, with Hachimura up 19-17 at the conclusion. In the next Mitchell joked about Joe Harris guarding LeBron with"I love you Joe Harris, but I don't think that is the matchup I need," before switching that defensive mission up.

    "I'm gonna start doin hack-a-Bron if this is the case," Mitchell commented later on after LeBron missed in the line. It was 38-34 at the half with the Lakers shooting 70 percent. Hachimura requested Mitchell how frequently he plays he admitted he plays in NBA 2K20 Park mode. As things stayed close, Mitchell maintained switching up his defensive matchups for LeBron and AD. He would pull ahead by cheap mt nba 2k21 a point in the next, but Rui came right back.