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    This section ("Resources and Resumes") is suitable for the following OTM / GC3 related subjects:
    • Resumes and Profiles from Candidates Seeking Job Opportunities
    • Resumes and Profiles from Consultancies Seeking Opportunities
    I highly recommend using the forum's private messaging capabilities, rather than posting your email address, in order to protect your privacy and reduce your exposure to spam.

    Please bear in mind that we have a policy of zero tolerance concerning spam and we encourage you to read our Code of Conduct

    This forum is provided as a service to those individuals and companies working with OTM / GC3 and it will be strictly moderated to ensure that it doesn't detract from the focus of this site - which is to provide the best community resource for supporting OTM / GC3. Anyone ca

    In short, if it is related to OTM / GC3 and adds value, please post. Otherwise please don't spam our community; we don't look take kindly to it.

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