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  • Functional documentation

    Hi all, can anyone suggest where find functional documentation?
    Thank all

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    Re: Functional documentation

    The on-line help is an excellent source of functional documentation. After more than 4 years of working with the product, I sitll find it a valuable source of information.


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      Re: Functional documentation

      I think it too, but I would like something describing how the product implements a process.

      On-line help is great, but it describe each items in a implemented process.

      I don't need to know each item but just the process implementations.

      Thank you very much.


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        Re: Functional documentation

        Hi - interesting question. Really, as standard, OTM does not do a great deal. There are some standard actions on the UI that you can run and so forth, but on the whole, the process that OTM runs is really what yourself, as a consultant, configures in the application using the automation agents and associated agent actions / workflow.

        So, to turn it around "how the product implements a process" is down to you to decide. That is the thing that a number of people have mis-understood over the year and it means that you need to be very clear on what you are trying to implement (process wise) before getting started with the software.

        It is also, in my opinion, why you need to be quite experienced with this application (compared to others I have worked with) before you can start to design overall solutions for a particular client.