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  • OTM Functional Documentation

    I am fairly new to OTM implementations. Does anybody have any good sources for implementation documentation? I have been using the online help function (the only documentation I currently have acces to) and am finding that it contradicts itself often.

    As an example, if I look at "Ship Unit Specifications", I am told that a Packaging Unit (PU)is subordinate to a Transport Handling Unit (THU) - in other words a PU goes onto or into a THU, such as a master carton (PU) onto a pallet (THU). If I then look up "Packaged Item", I find the exact opposite where it provides as an example a box holding a VCR to be the THU and then the pallet that these boxes are placed onto as the PU.

    Anybody have any advice where I can determine the real relationships between OTM parameters?


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    Re: OTM Functional Documentation

    This is a question that comes up a lot -- unfortunately the answer is that there aren't a lot of sources out there. What information has been compiled is usually either proprietary (i.e. providing a competitive advantage for consultants and companies) or has become part of a commercial training course.

    OTM's online help is likely your best source and looking towards training partners is another option:

    I suggest checking out this section of the site for more details: Training, Certification and Documentation - Oracle OTM / G-Log GC3 Community Support