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  • OTM for Freight Forwarding Companies

    Hi Chris,

    Its been a while since I logged into this forum. We have started our project of implementing OTM in our organization. We have completed our requirement phase and are presently in the map and gap phase.

    Honestly, in our present phase I am looking at a lot of gaps rather than the maps. We are in the Freight Forwarding industry and it seems like most of the implementations till date for GC3 or OTM have been in no Freight Forwarding Companies. The product seems to be missing some basic functionalities like the way intercomany transactions need to be dealt with, the concept of single signon, etc. Also the concept of Match and Pay does not seem to be anywhere close to what we term as Match and Pay in our industry.

    I am going to be at the OTM SIG and would really like to see if some of these topic are covered. I do see that you are presenting the OTM-EBS integration and am really looking forward to meet you.



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    Re: OTM for Freight Forwarding Companies


    I hope you enjoyed the OTM SIG conference and apologize for the delay in responding -- getting ready for the Conference took a lot of my time

    There is a major Freight Forwarder who is using OTM and they are based in Philadelphia. In fact, the current features in GC3 / OTM were developed specifically around their needs. My partner (Samuel Levin) helped them architect their OTM solution and worked with them for a couple of years. I'm also aware of a couple smaller freight forwarders who are considering OTM.

    If you have specific questions, please feel free to post them under the "Freight Forwarding" section and we'll do our best to help you out.



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      Re: OTM for Freight Forwarding Companies

      Hi Chris,

      Would have some kind of documentation on Freight Forwarding Flows and concepts regarding the same in OTM? I think there are more and more Frieght forwarders opting for OTM but the knowledge for implementing the same for frieght forwarders is scarce.

      Please do share with us if you have something that you are allowed to share with rest of us.




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        Re: OTM for Freight Forwarding Companies


        Unfortunately, I don't have any public docs to share -- just proprietary internal and client docs.

        You may want to try Samuel Levin - I believe he's on this site as samuellevin. He's my business partner and had designed the FF solution at BDP. The Freight Forwarding components of OTM / GC3 were developed for them.