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location's Latitude and Longitude points to Sea point

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  • location's Latitude and Longitude points to Sea point

    While doing Bulk plan in OTM, how can we restrict to plan those orders whose location's Latitude and Longitude points to Sea point?


    Location has Latitude: 10.45900 and Longitude: 99.40300 which is pointing within the Sea point.

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    I would suggest you to restrict not to send those Orders into the Bulk plan by writing a saved query and those it via Agents or scheduled job.
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      But how can we know that lat and lan are pointing to sea point. We do not have any specific range of it.


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        Could you please help on this.


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          Could you please explain what you mean with a sea point? Does this mean a location that cannot be resolved by any of the known external distance engines (EDE) used for land transportation? In which case the middle of Victoria Lake and the top of the Himalaya also qualify, which are not 'sea points' in my vocabulary.

          If you want to exclude orders from the bulk plan that will fail because you EDE will not be able to find a distance/route to that location, you may want to do the following. Check with an agent all locations using VALIDATE ADDRESS against your EDE in use, and if there is no result (i.e. no latitude and longitude), you can mark your orders that use any of these locations for bulk plan exclusion


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            OTM is receiving locations form ERP system EBS in XML format. EBS team is taking lat and lon from some cooker. Even they don't know whether these lat and lon are correct. Once the shipment created in OTM for that locations, we send that shipment with locations detail to GPS system. But at a time of GPS tracking, GPS is sending a response back to OTM to say "Lat and Lon are not correct or pointing to sea point". So we want to restrict to plan those deliveries which are having such locations with wrong lat and lon data.
            Yes, we using EDE system to find out the distance. The EDE system is only giving distance count but not verifying the latitude and longitude. How can we achieve in OTM or using EDE ??


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              If we use VALIDATE ADDRESS against EDE, will it return correct latitude and longitude as we have an option to select check box for "Set Latitude/Longitude if address is valid' ?


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                Thank you for your help. Adding VALIDATE ADDRESS against EDE is working fine and it is correcting the Lat and Lon points on locations automatically.