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Setting some delay in the inbound events

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  • Setting some delay in the inbound events


    We are facing one issue in our project. We are setting up one status value to trigger the event interface only once. Initially the value is not sent. Once we receive the event we are changing the status value to sent. So in the if condition we are checking condition in case if the status value is not sent, then only trigger the interface.

    Now the problem is, for some reason we are receiving the same event more than once at the exactly same time into OTM. So agent is triggering for all the events at a time. Since the status is not sent initially, the interface is triggering for all the events. Then status changing to sent.
    So client is saying that they are receiving the duplicates.

    I suggested to middleware set some delay like 10 second between the interfaces. They said its not possible at their side.

    Does anyone face this issue earlier?
    Can we do something in OTM on this?
    Can you please share your thoughts on this.

    Thanks in advance.
    Have a great day.

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    You might be able to use the WAIT action at the top of your event processing agent. Here you can specify the number of seconds you want to wait before processing the event. You will want to test this thoroughly though, as it could cause performance issues.

    You can also configure a recurring job to only process a certain amount of staged events per minute.
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