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Loading the data into OTM via XML

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  • Loading the data into OTM via XML

    Hi All,

    I am facing a problem regarding this issue. I posted the Order release XML, which contains Ship Unit ant, related details into OTM, it processed successfully and Order release also created. However, the problem is the Order release screen is not displaying the Ship Unit details as well as it not stored in database.

    This issue just happens when a batch order release messages uploaded to OTM from External system, it accept the Order release but it does not shows the Ship Unit Gid in Screen. However, If I upload this messages to OTM one by one, the system accept it ant displayed the Ship Unit gid.

    Kindly help me on this.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Loading the data into OTM via XML


    Chances are there's something wrong with the structure of your inbound xml.

    OTM has a tendancy to skip past elements it does not like.

    Check the schema to ensure the structure is good.

    Gary Cunningham


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      Re: Loading the data into OTM via XML

      Hi Karthik,
      Can you please help me with the process of uploading XML for Order releases. It would beof great help if you can provide me some sample XML file.

      In EBS we usually place a CSV file in DB server in the custom top and run a loader and valication program before importing that into tables. How do we achieve this in OTM?



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        Re: Loading the data into OTM via XML

        From the little information you gave, it seems like your structure is okay, but for batches you use the same ship unit gid in all your releasexml's