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[SOLVED] OTM data loading sequence

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  • [SOLVED] OTM data loading sequence

    Hi All,

    I'm relatively new to OTM and I have a question about the data loading sequence in OTM. Based on my limited exposure to OTM, does the following data loading sequence look right? I understand that there's a sequential order of what table to load first within each set of data, any tips or help I can get will be much appreciated.

    1. Calendars
    2. Locations
    3. Equipments
    5. Service Providers
    6. Rates



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    Re: OTM data loading sequence

    Hi Malcolm,

    As for as my understanding in OTM goes,you can have a look at your schema.Upload the CSV/XML to populate the table which is higher in the hierarchy.
    Please check this out and correct me if i am wrong.

    Warm Regards,


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      Re: OTM data loading sequence

      Hi Malcolm,

      I would not advise creating service providers via CSVs. We had a bad experience uploading service providers via CSVs in OTM v4.5, the ServProv users were not automatically created and we opted to delete the service providers and create them manually.

      Hope this is useful,

      Alejandro Barba
      Baker and Taylor Marketing Services


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        Re: OTM data loading sequence

        Loading data in to OTM via CSV is very straightforward and should work for the vast majority of data that you would ever wish to load during an implementation.

        The "easiest" way to do this is to first key in one record of the data you are trying to load and to then export that data into CSV format. That will give you the template for the CSV data you are trying to load. That unload of data can be done from within the application.

        In terms of sequence of loading there are no really fixed rules. For example, you can easily load equipment group data before locations - it all depends on the data you are trying to load and the relationship between the database tables that are impacted. of course, you cannot load a location which references a corporation that has not already been defined, but in general, it should be quite apparent the order you need to load the data in.

        I have loaded service provider data via CSV with no issues whatsoever. Again, the "trick" is to load one record via the UI and then export the relevant database tables in to CSV format to make sure you have what you need.


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          Re: OTM data loading sequence

          Thanks guys! I really appreciate all of your help!