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OTM 5.5 - error attempting to run python script

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  • OTM 5.5 - error attempting to run python script

    Hello. First time post for me.

    We recently upgraded from OTM 5.0 to OTM 5.5 and have both versions running on separate servers. We have always used the python upload method to load freight rates into OTM using which worked well in OTM 5.0. However, when we try running the same scripts on the OTM 5.5 server we get the following error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/appsoft/otm55/utils/integration/python/", line 640, in ?
    args.argValue("localDir"),args.argValue("localFile Name"),args.argValue("csvUtilCommand"),args.argVal ue("xvalidate"))
    File "/appsoft/otm55/utils/integration/python/", line 363, in csvImport
    File "/appsoft/otm55/utils/integration/python/", line 740, in getCharacterEncoding
    return site.encoding
    AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'encoding'

    Since we didn't change any code, I suspect that this is due to an installation or configuration issue with Python. Unfortunately, my python skills are minimal.

    Any ideas or suggestions on what is happening and how I can get our python rate loads working again?

    Help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Re: OTM 5.5 - error attempting to run python script

    I found the answer on MetaLink:

    The cause is that there is a difference in the python versions used and one has a change in one of the modules. Current python code reference as used by OTM needs to be updated to reflect the change.

    This is explained in the following bug:


    -- To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
    1. Download and review the readme and pre-requisites for 5.5 CU5 RU3 when made available, currently scheduled for release at the end of Jan 2009.

    2. Ensure that you have taken a backup of your system before applying Version 5.5 CU5 RU3

    3. Apply Version 5.5 CU5 RU3 in a test environment.

    4. Retest the issue.

    5. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.


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      Re: OTM 5.5 - error attempting to run python script

      Thanks for the update. If you test 5.5 CU5 RU03 and it works, please post back. This is a big deal to a lot of OTM users out there.



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        Re: OTM 5.5 - error attempting to run python script

        Sorry for not replying sooner... Bug No. 7647979 now includes details on the exact line(s) in which need to be updated. We made this change and deferred applying the roll-up until later. Our problem is resolved now.