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User Preference Bug?

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  • User Preference Bug?

    Not sure where to post this topic, but this location seems appropriate...

    In User Preferences there is a Y/N choice for "Display UOM as Entered", and we have this set to "Yes".

    When entering via the UI, or via CSV upload, and our UOM is, say, LB for weight, once one goes back into the UI to look at such a value, either in view or edit mode, the value has changed to KG. And KG is the choice in user preferences for "weight".

    Does OTM "override" the "Display UOM as Entered" choice with the "weight" choice? If so, is this how it should be behaving?

    I've also tested this with the "weight" preference removed but "Display UOM as Entered" still set to "yes". The default value for weight is now LB. If I enter new values and choose KG, then save, when I go back into the record, it changes the UOM to LB.......that's a problem.

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    Re: User Preference Bug?

    We also faced the same problem.
    Please check with oracle support as "Display UOM as Entered" preference does not work as intended.
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: User Preference Bug?


      We are using OTM 6.1 and facing the same issue. Is this really a bug or we need to do any other configuration other than the above user preference?



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        Re: User Preference Bug?

        This pref only applies for certain objects. Check online help


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          Re: User Preference Bug?

          hi All,

          As per my understanding this setup has to be done in 2 places one in user preference and another while creating the manager layout, select the check box As entered, also do the same for all the weight fileds in the manager layout.