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  • X_Lane Renaming Maintenance

    Hi, I have a challenge I hope someone can provide a recommendation for.

    We negotiate and update our rates in OTM once per year.

    Over the course of the year individual lane rates may be added on an intermittent basis.

    If we add rates via the UI, the X_Lane that is created is a system-assigned number. If we upload rates via CSV we can obviously name the X_Lanes with our preferred naming conventions.

    If we do an extract at the end of the year some of the x_Lanes will be displayed with our preferred naming conventions while those that were uploaded via the UI over the course of the year will be displayed as the system-assigned number.

    How can we change this system-assigned number to our preferred naming convention? We can change the content in the CSVs but when we go to upload these changes, and make the choice of 'iu' for Insert/Update, that still leaves us with system-assigned numbered x_lanes. Bottom line, we want to get rid of those "orphaned" system-assigned numbered x_lanes.

    What is the easiest/cleanest way to do this? Basically, what is the best practice?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: X_Lane Renaming Maintenance


    As per my understanding, naming convention of auto-generated X_LANE cannot be changed from system assigned number.

    You can delete the "orphaned" system-assigned numbered x_lanes either from front end or via CSV upload with '-d' option.
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY