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  • Error creating user


    When i try to create a new user i have this error. Can anyone help me?

    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-02291: integrity constraint (GLOGOWNER.FK_GU_BI_ROLE_GID) violated - parent key not found


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    Re: Error creating user

    It looks like an issue with the role you are trying to assign the user to. Do you have any users with the role defined?


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      Re: Error creating user

      No i haven´t any other users with role.
      May be the problem is in the last field of the user’s creation because the last field ‘label.BusinessIntelligenceRole’ has ‘No Access’ as default value. If I delete ‘No Access’ I can create the user.
      Do you know what this field ‘label.BusinessIntelligenceRole’ is used to?



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        Re: Error creating user

        The easiest way to "fix" these types of issues is to first create a user via the standard OTM UI. That way, you know you have entered all of the required data and have a template to use.

        Once you have done that, then unload the contents of the relevant database table (in this case GL_USER) in to CSV and use that as the template to load the rest of your data.

        There are some restrictions in loading users in that I dont believe you can create new user roles via CSV. If you are loading users where the user role already exists, I think you should be fine.

        On my system, the value of gl_user.bi_role_gid is null so I dont think that needs to exist for the creation of users via CSV.

        Re-post if you are still having issues.


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          Re: Error creating user

          User Role can most definitely be uploaded using CSV and so can the GL_USER along with the USER role asigned to it. However, the USER ROLE has to be loaded first.