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    I want to mark an item as obsolete but i want to use it in the future for complaints. Does anyone know if there is any field for doing this? or should i have to create one field?. I am trying to use the expiration date and there is a strange thing if i put yesterday as date, today i can make an order, is this correct? then what is the functionallity of expiration date field?

    Other question is about how to insert the UPC Bar Code for an item,can i enter it in the reference number?

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    Re: Item

    Hi New_OTM,

    The expiration date does not prevent you from creating an Order Base or a standalone Order Release but it prevents releasing the Order Base or planning the Order Release into a shipment. I am not familiar with the added Complaint functionality and I do not know if an expired item would have any impact on it. The OTM on-line help may provide you more information about this topic.

    Hope this helps,

    Alejandro B.