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Shipment Automatic Deletion.

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  • Shipment Automatic Deletion.


    When we upload a shipment through XML, it gets deleted some times. When we use same XML rename the Shipment ID and upload its uploading, and the Shipment is available in the System. If we upload 25 shipments one gets deleted.

    After uploading, when we check in the Transmission table we find that the Trasaction status is processed. But when we check in the Shipment Manager, Shipment is not available. We checked through log also.Not able to find the exact error.

    Has any one faced this issue. How that Shipment get removed, when its transaction is sucessfull.

    Kindly advice us.

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    Re: Shipment Automatic Deletion.

    I've run into this a few times with our clients. In all cases something is causing the delete of the shipment. Most times it's an agent. You'll need to enable logging of agents and anything else you can think of which may be causing the issue. It’s not the easiest thing to debug either.
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