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Comma mentioned in ID :(

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  • Comma mentioned in ID :(


    I am getting following error while trying to delete the ID :

    cause.Field_Operator_Value_Count_Mismatch (length=2, [email protected], sqlName=rate_geo_gid)

    I had mentioned the ID as C1toc-5,c-6. So is this error just because of mentioning the comma or something else.

    Also please let me know , how this ID can be deleted :


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    Re: Comma mentioned in ID

    Hi Vipin,

    What method are you trying to use to delete the record?

    CSV deletes will not work since the comma is used to separate different fields.


    Alejandro B.


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      Re: Comma mentioned in ID

      I am clicking on search button to find the record and then selecting and trying to delete it. But it gives this error:

      cause.Field_Operator_Value_Count_Mismatch (length=2, [email protected], sqlName=rate_geo_gid)

      Even system does not allow to edit/view the record. Same error appears. It seems to me that commas should not be mentioned in ID.

      Pls let me know the way to delete the record.


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        Re: Comma mentioned in ID

        As a rule, I would try to avoid using "," in the XID and therefore GID of an object in OTM. I am not sure what the exact rules are about that, but it just seems to be common sense given that "," can be used in the search criteria in the UI etc.

        There is some guidance on domain name naming conventions in the help, but I can't see anything on GID/XID naming conventions specifically. If anyone has any documentation on that, please share.

        If you are really stuck, I would be looking to use SQL to delete the record you have created (depending on how much related data you have created). If you are not sure how to go about that, get some help from someone that does. Alternatively, log it with support and see what they say.


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          Re: Comma mentioned in ID


          Besides the ",", the "." can also cause some problems since OTM cannot identify the domain in the GID.

          I have seen issues with special characters in the integration layer so I would recommend staying away from them as much as possible.

          Most elements in OTM are changed and stored using upper case characters but elements created through a CSV or XML upload can contain lower case characters and that would make them impossible to find within the application.

          My final comment is about the "_" which is also a wild card for only one character, I have not seen any issue in the application but it is important to note that it can pull more results that desired. For example, a search for a Location named SAN_DIEGO_921 may pull the records:
          SAN DIEGO_921
          SAN DIEGO 921

          Hope this helps,

          Alejandro B.