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Tracking costs associated orders that require re-planning

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  • Tracking costs associated orders that require re-planning

    Hi all,

    We have a scenario where a truck is being turned away after showing up at our facility due to inventory/manufacturing delay, so there would be a penalty assessed by the carrier for not using the truck. There is a possibility that we may have to re-plan the order which means we would have to unassign the order from the shipment first. My question is how can we account for the penalty charge on the original shipment because as soon as we unassign the order from shipment, the shipment record is deleted. Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Tracking costs associated orders that require re-planning

    Depends how you intend to "capture" the delay/penalty.

    My suggestion is, if you may re-plan the order and thus lose the original shipment, is to make sure the penalty is captured on the order (either directly on the order, or on the original shipment and use an agent to copy the penalty back down to the order). This could be as basic as a refnum and value, or perhaps a status?

    Then, make sure you copy the refnum to the new shipment if/when you re-plan - thus, with or without a re-plan, your shipment should have some indication of the penalty. Then just make sure you have part of your rate/accessorial that looks for your penalty refnum and rates accordingly.

    Hope that made sense? Happy to elaborate a little further if it doesn't.


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      Re: Tracking costs associated orders that require re-planning


      Another alternate is if you are not using Buy side or Sell Side Shipment as a part of your solution, you can use the Sell Side Shipment for this purpose. When building shipments for the first build both the buy side and sell side shipment and when you are unassigning becoz of above mentioned cause then unassign only buy side shipments and in the sell side shipment you will have the cost captured.

      Make sure to make the sell shipment rate records only to capture this misc expenses only and it may be helpfull.

      Hope this was of use to you.



      Raveendranath Thalapalli


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        Re: Tracking costs associated orders that require re-planning

        Hi - the simplest solution is to manually create an invoice with the cost of the original shipment and to then unassign the order from the original shipment. Instead of using the original shipment as the placeholder for the cost, you would use the manually created invoice. You can add comments / refnums etc to the invoice to indicate the reason that the invoice was manually created.