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  • Integration saved Queries

    Hi ,

    What is the use of Integration saved Queries?
    To my understanding we can write only a select statement in SQL FIND of Integration saved Queries.Is this correct?

    If I write an Integration Saved Query in the power data of Business Process automation,
    Where will I be using it?


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    Re: Integration saved Queries

    Integration Saved Queries are used to retreive a GID during Integration when it is not known by using other elements in the XML data. The Integration Saved Query ID should be placed in the incoming Transmission XML. The query will then be executed by OTM during Integration at run-time. See OTM Help for more information.
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      Re: Integration saved Queries

      Integration saved query has many uses and the foremost i think is to do checking before persisting data.

      For example if the requirement says that an Order Base XML can be sent to OTM only if the Order Base was not created earlier, then along the the Transorder XML in the Integration Saved segment you can pass the query and check. If the Order Base is not created before it will persist else it will not persist.

      Hope this helps.


      Raveendranath Thalapalli


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        Re: Integration saved Queries

        for easy understanding,
        Assume that carrier is sending Shipment Event XML (POD) for a shipment and the carrier generaly dont have Shipment ID but a refernce number of that particular shipment. So OTM should be able to map that inbound Status XML to its shipment and update the event status. It is possible throught Int Saved Queries.

        Incoming xml contains:
        1. Integr Saved Query name
        2. Argument ID ( Reference Qualifer)
        3. Argument Value ( Refnum Value)

        So once the xml is received the integration saved query mentioned in that XML executes and finds out the shipment which contains the refernce value and updates the status of it.

        i hope this should clarify ur doubts.


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          Re: Integration saved Queries

          Hi ravi,

          Many Thanks for your reply.Where actually do I have to place the saved query in the Xml Structure.
          In between which tags should I place the Saved Query.

          Can you give me an example with a few lines of XML Tags



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            Re: Integration saved Queries


            I hope the below sample XML tag will help you in resolving your query. Please let me know if this was helpful to you or not.

            I have created a Saved Query RAVEE.CHECK_PO_STATUS in the power data before executing this xml.


            Raveendranath Thalapalli