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    Hi all,

    When we enter the coutry in any screen, country_code3_gid is displaying. Instead of Country_code3_gid can we able to get country_code2 value,even this value is available in the backend.Is any property file we need to change?

    if anybody have the solution,kindly share it.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Country Code

    To all the screen, i worked on, Country code refers to country_code3_gid. I dont think, personally, that its possible to populate country_code2 value.

    But still I can provide 2 workarounds.

    1. Need to create country codes with 2 letter code. Simple as that.


    2. You need to modify related XSL for display purpose alone. That is, u can modify 'Picklist' format to 'Dropdown' format and then display psuedo values with 2 letter codes which is actually mapped with 3 letter country codes by placing the following code in XSL dropdown template where the country_code3_gid is referred to.

    <option name='PK' value='PAK'>PK</option>
    <option name='US' value='USA'>US</option>

    Hope this helps.
    But there should be some reason country_code2_gid still exist in table even though code3 value is used.

    Please do let us know if you find any direct solution for you issue.



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      Re: Country Code

      3 digit country codes are getting inserted during the dbpatch via the update_content process. To prevent it from loading, delete the country_code line from the csv_glogowner_tables.txt file:

      Before running the dbpatch_55 process

      Go to the directory GC3/glog/oracle/script8/content_glogowner
      Open the file csv_glogowner_tables.txt in a text editor
      Delete the line with the word COUNTRY_CODE
      Save file

      This will prevent the loading of COUNTRY_CODE seed data


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        Re: Country Code


        Is there any way we can change the pick list to display country codes with two alphabets. which xsl/java script would be required to change to implement this functionality ?