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Shipment Fax Tenders (RightFax)

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  • Shipment Fax Tenders (RightFax)

    We are implementing RightFax to allow the OTM shipment faxing capability for load tenders. We have installed the RightFax software and followed the instructions in the OTM admin guide but when we try to tender a shipment we receive an error which states, "java.lang.NullPointerException java.lang.NullPointerException at
    glog.server.workflow.notify.FaxTopic.getTopicField Values(". Would you know if the system is not able to find the values off of the xsl file or is there something else wrong with the setup? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Shipment Fax Tenders (RightFax)

    I haven't run into this issue with RightFax before. If you want to post your file (just the fax section), I can review it for you.

    Otherwise, we'd need to check with Oracle. Without access to the source code, I can't tell the root of this error anymore



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      Re: Shipment Fax Tenders (RightFax)


      Thanks for the reply. I setup the with the default settings in the OTM Administration guide then changed them to the settings attached (Per Metalinks instructions). In both circumstances it still was saying it was not able to 'get values' error mentioned in the first post. I was trying to narrow the area to an internal issue with OTM not able to get the values for the tender stylesheet or if its a RightFax issue.

      Thanks again,
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