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[SOLVED] ServProv & IE7

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  • [SOLVED] ServProv & IE7

    Through Servprov, we're starting to see an Internet Explorer error message for carriers who are using Internet Explorer 7. The error is displaying "problems with this web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly". Our company is currently using GC3 v.4.5. Has anyone else encountered this issue? If so, have you found a solution?
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    While I haven't tried this explicitly with SERVPROV, I have seen multiple issues with IE 7 and OTM. Some of these errors can be ignored, though some are more serious (screen errors, finder scrollbars not working, etc).

    Last I looked (though it was a couple months ago), IE 7 was still unsupported by OTM. I would expect it to be supported in an upcoming CU/SR for current OTM version (v5.0 and/or v5.5) - though I don't believe they plan to backport any of the fixes to older OTM versions.

    I'm not aware of an way to work around these issues. Has anyone else had any luck?

    Hope this helps!



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      Re: ServProv & IE7

      Here is the workaround provided by Microsoft to get any OTM version below v4.5 to work with IE 7.0. and the question is
      "My favorite websites don't load correctly, or don't seem to work at all in Internet Explorer 7. What should I do?"
      Answer: If you encounter a site which does not recognize Internet Explorer 7, a new tool known as the User Agent String Utility has been created to help you work around the problem. The utility comes in the form of a small executable that opens an Internet Explorer 7 instance that emulates Internet Explorer 6 by sending the Internet Explorer 6 user agent string. It also provides a mechanism for you to report problem web sites to Microsoft so that we can follow up with the affected site owners. Download the tool.(



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        Re: ServProv & IE7

        Few days ago OTM ORACLE Support sayed to me that IE 7.0 is still un-supported....for version 5.0

        Only to infom all...that open an SR could be

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          Re: ServProv & IE7

          On a slightly different, yet related note - I'm having the same issue with Firefox 2.0.x. There are some functionality issues, primarily around finder results screens and it's not supported by OTM. These new versions may not be supported until OTM 6.0, but I don't know for sure.