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multiple conditional booking profiles

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  • multiple conditional booking profiles


    I have succesfully set-up a conditional booking profile which ensures conditional bookings are sent out. However, this is the conditional booking profile that is set as domain default.

    Has anybody managed to create multiple conditional booking profiles in a set-up where carrier one is receiving conditional booking fields as specified in profile one and carrier 2 a different set of fields as specified in profile 2?

    Help is not that clear in this area, so not sure whether it's possible at all.

    Rob van Haaster

    MavenWire Europe

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    Re: multiple conditional booking profiles

    Currently, the official line says that you can only have one conditional booking profile per domain. Now I hear that is expected to change in some not to distant software versions. Currently this is something that we are limited with, but I don't have a solution to do what you are asking within a single domain.

    If someone has a better answer, I'd love to hear it though.