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  • Business Number Generator for Shipment

    Hi all,

    We have a requirement to generate shipment number in the following order -

    BL_Control Number_Source_Destination_Import Control Number (BL control number and Import control number are reference numbers)

    I have created a BN rule - {r*id=1:xml=SOURCE}-{r*id=2:xml=DEST}-{r*id=3:xml=REFNUM/BM}-{r*id=3:xml=REFNUM/ICN}

    I gave the above in the BN Rule Definition and made it default for the BN Type - SHIPMENT_XID.

    When I create a shipment with this BN Rule all I get is ---001 as the result, it is just getting generated with the hifen's and not taking the values inside the strings.

    Would be grt if someone can let me know where I might be making a mistake, when I tested the same BN Rule with Order Release it is working fine.

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    Re: Business Number Generator for Shipment


    I was just doing some research in this area. If I read the documentation the tags source and destination are for order release context. For shipment context it only lists the tags Invoice_Number, Servprov, Shipment, refnum/, and party/. A work around might be to create a refnum or involved party for the o/d pairs and it might work. Let me know if this works.