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  • Stop Cancel Tender Notification

    We have an environment where we try to consolidate most of the freight we manage for our customers. As there are times that we consolidate 3-4 customer orders on one carrier shipment, we run into the situation where one customer's orders may change, affecting the load plan that OTM built and that has already been tendered and accepted by the carrier.

    When an order change occurs, sometimes we need to unassign each order and have OTM run the load plan again with the new order info. During this process, we are forced to cancel the original tender and even when we UNcheck the Send Notify Now box, it will still send a cancellation notice to the carrier. Although it is not sent immediately, it is still sent later on which causes more trouble for us.

    Is there a way around this? Either by not having to cancel the original tender and updating it with the new data? Or by stopping the cancel tender notification to the carrier?


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    Re: Stop Cancel Tender Notification

    Try " Modify tender" action in Buy Shipments>tender>Modify tender

    "After a shipment has been edited, the corresponding shipment tender/booking/pickup notification, if any, needs to be updated accordingly. This process is called tender modification. In the case of a tender, the original tender is withdrawn and a new tender is sent. If the original tender has not been accepted, the service provider needs to respond to the new tender; response to the original tender results in an error. If the original tender has been accepted, no further action is expected from the service provider" - OTM Help

    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY


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      Re: Stop Cancel Tender Notification

      Hi Nipun, thanks for your response.

      I should have stated in my post that we are trying this using Buy Shipments > Tender > Modify Tender but we still have this issue.

      When the tender is modified, the original tender is withdrawn which sends a cancellation notice to the carrier that the original tender was sent to (and accepted). If it is possible to stop this tender cancel notice, then the tender will only receive the original tender and then the modified tender. Further, when we try to do this and UNcheck the Send Notify Now box, all this does is delay the tender cancel notice to a few hours later - don't know why it does this or if this is OTM functionality. This is an even worse scenario because if the cancel notice waits long enough to be sent, it will be received AFTER the modified tender notice is sent and the carrier gets confused resulting in a call to our planners or they do not process the shipment at all, thinking it was cancelled.

      Is there a way to turn off the tender cancellation notice? Or are we doing this incorrectly?


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        Re: Stop Cancel Tender Notification

        If I understand you correctly, I believe that we are working to achieve the same results currently. I believe that I have figured out a way to do this.

        If you go into Business Process Automation, Communication Management, Contact Notification, you should be able to search for Tender_Cancel. This will show you which stylesheets are going to be used for each communication method. You can either move or rename the actual stylesheet, and OTM will log an error that it can't find the sheet but the notification won't go out, or you can remove the stylesheets in this menu.

        In our environment there is a bit of confusion, as these are public, and some people can't access them in the subdomain, and if you change them with dba.admin, the changes don't go into effect in the subdomain. I have mapped the dba.admin menu manager to my account and was able to make the changes in the subdomain to get this to work for us.

        If there are some conditions that you desire to fire these notifications, create an agent and build the logic that you need, then you can set the notify servprov action to the desired screenset.

        Hope this helps.


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          Re: Stop Cancel Tender Notification

          Thanks for the suggestion...I'll play around with this and see what we can do.


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            Re: Stop Cancel Tender Notification

            Are you at the user conference? We could get together to work through this if you like if you are here.


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              Re: Stop Cancel Tender Notification

              No, I'm not but thanks for suggesting it.