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  • Additional Service Provider logins


    I was just wondering if there is any way to create additional service provider logins without having to use DBA.ADMIN. Currently, I adopt the following process:

    1. Login as DBA.ADMIN
    2. Change domain context to SERVPROV
    3. Add a new user, assign nickname and user role = SERVPROV
    4. Use Manage Associations to associate the new user to a particular Servprov

    What I would like to do is to enable a ADMIN level login in the domain which the service provider is created in, to be able to create a new user and associate that user to a service provider.


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    Re: Additional Service Provider logins

    3 and 4 can be done by any users in SERVPROV with Admin rights, e.g. SERVPROV.ADMIN.
    However, it would be tricky to hide other Service Providers' info if you plan to grant this task (create users) to Service Providers.
    Joseph Liang
    MavenWire APAC


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      Re: Additional Service Provider logins

      I would not recommend giving carriers the possibility to create users in the SERVPROV domain.

      Apart from the security issues that Joseph mentioned, the user ID naming convention for the SERVPROV domain cannot be ensured if multiple carriers start creating users: if carrier A creates a USER1, carrier B cannot create a USER1 as well. On top of that, if a carrier defines nicknames, you should know that these nicknames cover all domains, so this could get even messier.

      Also be aware that conceptually, OTM expects only one single carrier contact, be it by interface or user interface. If the carrier wants to share the workload reviewing and accepting tenders and wants to trace who did what, I would recommend setting up a number of user IDs like CARRIER1-USER1, CARRIER1-USER2, etc., and let the carrier assign these user IDs to its users.


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        Re: Additional Service Provider logins

        Hi Joseph and Lourens,

        Many thanks for your responses, I am able to use SERVPROV.ADMIN to add users and manage associations. We will not be giving access to individual Service Providers to add/remove users as you have rightly pointed out.

        Service providers will submit a formal request if they wish to have additional logins and the login ids will be managed by the OTM owner.