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[SOLVED] Request for Quote in OTM

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  • [SOLVED] Request for Quote in OTM


    We are wondering whether there is a out of the box functionality in OTM, where in a manufacturer who is using OTM can send their "Request for quote" to a list of carriers and manage their responses/quotations.

    I've checked the following options, but want to know how do others handle this?

    1. Creating a spot bid tender once shipment is created and selecting the list of carriers for whom the request has to be sent.

    This option can be used only when the shipment is created and there is no carrier at that point to pick the shipment. But we need to get quotation from carrier before creating shipment in OTM.

    2. The second option would be using Sourcing. This involves contract and it would need historic shipments. Also this involves quite a few steps in configuration.

    The Quote functionality in Brokerage & Forwarding is from a carrier's perspective, where in the carrier can send their tender response for shipment and its not the response for an RFQ. Can the same be used from a manufacturer's perspective with workarounds/customisation?

    Can any one share your experience on this like any work arounds could be used to send RFQ and recieve quotes? OR Can this requirement be addressed outside OTM (in EBS or any other ERP application that is integrated with OTM)?
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