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  • Business Number Generation

    can anyone expalin how to generate automatic business number for service it is linking to corporation id...i dont want to display that.if i click 'new' icon in Service Provider screen i have to display a service provider number.user should not enter that.

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    Re: Business Number Generation

    OTM will automatically generate a service provider ID for you based on (I think) the BNG type of LOCATION_XID_NO_CORP or LOCATION_XID_WITH CORP. If you want, you could change the definition of that to generate a different sequence number that meets your requirement.

    Either way, I dont think that the service provider ID will be generated until you hit Finished i.e. you commit the data. I dont think there a way of generating that number in the standard application just when the user hits the "New" button.


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      Re: Business Number Generation

      thank you for your reply....
      i've some more doubts.
      can we create a BN for new objects?or we've to use the existing BNcontexts and BN generator only?
      is there any possiblity of changing the BN rule for existing objects?


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        Re: Business Number Generation

        You can create new BN rules in the domain in which you are working and I think they will take precendence over the BN rules in the PUBLIC domain.

        Also, you can use BNG to create refnums so you have quite a lot of flexibility on what you can do with this functionality.


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          Re: Business Number Generation

          we created two screens say x and y using the service provider screen set and its manager layout.can we create BN for those two screens with separate BNs?


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            Re: Business Number Generation

            Just trying create a different BNG type for what you want to do....I dont think you need another screen set or anything.....