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  • Tender for rail mode

    I am trying to use secure resources on shipments where the Transport mode is Rail.
    We want Rail shipments to tender as a TL. I made to added RAIL in the workflow_parameters, but still getting the error msg Failed to SAVED CONDITION.

    How can I get rail mode to tender either as TL or LTL in v6.0


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    Re: Tender for rail mode

    I've seen this issue prior to 6.0 and it's likely still what you're running in to. The standard RAIL TENDER QUERY (CONDITION) does a check on the BOL_ACTUALS status of the shipment.

    You will want to review that query and set your shipments to an accepted BOL_ACTUALS status prior to tendering OR modify that query in the Public domain to remove the status check.


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      Re: Tender for rail mode

      Hi Matt,

      I have change the status of the BOL Actulas through agent . I am still unable to do the secure resources .

      You have mentioned as "modify that query in the Public domain to remove the status check. " pls tell me path to do it from the front end .



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        Re: Tender for rail mode

        Hi Kishore,

        How r u

        The path to update RAIL TENDER QUERY is Business Process Automation -->Power Data-->Saved Queries. Search for the Rail Tender Query, You should have logged in as DBA to change this. Since this Query is of Public domain.

        The default value of the BOL Status is BOL_ACTUALS_NOT_ENTERED, you can add up this status in the query, so the Secure Resource action passes this condition.

        Hope this helps!

        S.Sree Guru


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          Re: Tender for rail mode

          Hi Sree,

          Thanks for posting these kind of solutions..

          do u mean to say..tender shipment as well as secure sources are indirectly calling this saved query..where could i see this condition attched to secure resourses action..

          Thanks a lot sree.after changing the query system is allowing to tender the shipment even mode is RAIL

          Thanks in advance
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