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[SOLVED] CU2 - Changes in XML Profile

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  • [SOLVED] CU2 - Changes in XML Profile

    A note from one of our partners that may help others:

    We found the problem with the tender offer email that I called you about. As of CU2 there is an OUT XML Profile on the service provider form and the default is GLOG-MIN which doesn’t contain as much info in the XML. Once we changed that profile to GLOG it had the stop information we were looking for such as LOCATION and ADDRESS LINES – go figure.
    I've heard of this affecting integration also, as the default XML profiles affect many parts of the system.

    In order to change this, you login as DBA.ADMIN, then navigate to Business Process Automatioin > Power Data > Integration > Out XML Profiles.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: CU2 - Changes in XML Profile

    Here's a link to another post related to this issue where Jane was having integration issues because of the GLOG MIN xml profile:

    Hope this helps!