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BNG for Shipment XID based on transport mode

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  • BNG for Shipment XID based on transport mode

    I am trying to set up the BNG in OTM 5. 5 to generate the Shipment XID based on the transport type, if transport type is LTL then start XID with LTLnnnn-nnn same with TL TLnnnn-nnn where n is a number.

    I have setup a business number type of GUEST.SHIPMENT_XID with a BN context of Shipment Context.

    I then set up a business rule using my business number type of GUEST.Shipment_XID and set it to default.

    I have defined a rule using the rule definition of

    I have a BN Named Range of GRD (that is one of my transport modes) and set to another BN rule of GRD with a rule definition of {nnnnn:start=40000}

    When I run the test BN generator I get an instruction to select a shipment id which I do and OTM returns values in the results set.

    When I attempt to test it by building a shipment from an Order Release I get a nasty stack trace which ultimately ends with No default rule found for type =Shipment_XID domain =GUEST.

    Do I need to set up the business rule type in the Public schema or can rules be domain specific?


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    Would you give any insight if you were able to solve this, got stuck in similar issues..