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Execution steps in LTL shipments

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  • Execution steps in LTL shipments

    Hi all,

    Can any one brief execution steps for LTL shipment?

    1. We plan shipments from SMC3 base rates and discounts in OTM
    2. Do a secure resources and this sends pickup notification for LTL shipments
    3. Next is Accept Tender?

    This doesnt work. When we do accept tender, we get an error. Are we missing any steps here? Do LTL mode require this step or not?

    Thanks for any support.


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    Re: Execution steps in LTL shipments

    Normally LTL carriers doesn't Accept the Tenders, by law you are sending them Email information(Web Tender) for load, they will come and pick it up.

    Basically Step1 and Step2 will be executed for LTL in your case.
    Vinoth Gopalakrishnan
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      Re: Execution steps in LTL shipments

      Secure resources normally means carrier accepting to secure the container/equpment (resources) which the shipper wants to transport. In TL world as it is a complete quipment there will be an option to accept/reject; but in LTL world as the loads are not full OTM does gives only the status option of pickup notification rather than tender accepted/rejected. I hope this explains you in detail.


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        Re: Execution steps in LTL shipments

        From a European persepctive it is not always the case that LTL loads can't be rejected. In the US they have this law, but in Europe not.

        There are several workflow parameters controlling the behavior of tendering.
        Best Regards,

        Bob Romijn