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Using a Java Plug-in on an Action Check

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  • Using a Java Plug-in on an Action Check

    I have an interesting challenge. We have a new facility coming on board in OTM and although we want to use OTM to Plan, Tender and schedule, for this facility I need to verify that the chosen appointment is acceptable to the facility's system before allowing the appointment in OTM.

    I thought to do this with an action check, as I need to verify BEFORE the appointment is persisted in OTM. I had a thought to try to have my Allow Condition (Saved Query/Condition) call a stored procedure which would then make a call out to connect to the other system to validate the appointment.

    When attempting to set this up, I see that an action check allows for a Java plug-in. This would appear to be a much better solution as a little java program to communicate with the facilitie's system would be preferable.

    I cannot find in the help how I go about setting this up. Does it just call main? What information is passed to the call. I would at minimum need the shipment_gid and the appointment time, and location_gid.

    Does any one have any experience with using a Java plug-in that could give me some guidance.



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    Hi Janice

    Were you able to work on this, i am working on a similar activity and wanted to check if you had figured this out and worked on it at your end. Please advise. Appreciate your quick reply on this.



    Raveendranath Thalapalli