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Is it possible to restrict shipment appointment based on servprov calendar?

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  • Is it possible to restrict shipment appointment based on servprov calendar?


    Recently an Oracle representative told us that dock scheduling process for shipments (stop 1) can be configured to check for feasibility against not only the location calendar, but also the service provider calendar as well.

    Has anyone been able to configure dock/resources in such a way that a dock appointment cannot conflict with the shipment's servprov calendar? Details below, if required.

    So, the scenario would be like this:

    Calendar for Distribution Center and docs: CAL_REGULAR_WRK_HOURS - monday through friday, 9AM-6PM

    Calendar for Service Provider: CAL_MORNING_SHIFT - monday through friday, 9AM-11AM

    Distribution Center DC1 and its docks must work on regular working hours (CAL_REGULAR_WRK_HOURS).

    Service provider SP1 should work only in the morning shift (CAL_MORNING_SHIFT).

    So, the expected behaviour would be that when I select the shipment that has SP1 as the servprov, execute the action "Operational Planning -> Dock Scheduling -> Schedule Appointment", select the CD1 stop location and click the "Show Options" button, OTM would only show docks available that conform to the DC1 calendar (CAL_REGULAR_WRK_HOURS) and also the servprov calendar (CAL_MORNING_SHIFT), meaning in this scenario, it should be only possible to make an appointment between 9am and 11am.

    In our experience, we could not get this to work though. The only calendar that seems to be taken into account is the resource/dock.

    And there's no such thing as a "Service Provider Calendar" that we could find. The nearest thing to it is the location role CARRIER from the location that shares the same ID as the servprov ("Shipment Management -> Location Management", instead of "Contract & Rate Management -> Service Provider Manager"). But that doesn't affect appointments in the CD1, so it's not a "Service Provider Calendar", just the calendar for the servprov's location.

    Any ideas are very much welcome.

    Than you,
    Israel S. Oliveira