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Updating SAW shipment stops via XML

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  • Updating SAW shipment stops via XML


    We create a SAW shipment with 4 stops.The stop times are also inserted. The stop types are as below:
    2.Other (Origin Port)
    3.Other (Dest Port)

    After SAW shipment creation(and before order is created), we send in another XML to update the shipment stop times. Upon updating, the Pickup and Drop stops are deleted from the shipment. Only stops 2 & 3 remain, with stop nums changed to 1 & 2 respectively.
    In the Update XML, when I update only stops 2 & 3, the 1 & 4 are not deleted. However both their stop types are changed to O.
    Can someone please tell me how I can update the SAW shipment stop dates alone without changing/deleting any stop?

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    Re: Updating SAW shipment stops via XML

    Is it possible to use ShipmentStatus message, Shipment status can be used to change the stops and redrive subsequent stop value.


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      Re: Updating SAW shipment stops via XML

      Hi CB,

      Thanks for the suggestion. Using ShipmentStatus message, we can update only one stop per GlogXMLElement. But here , we need to update the est arrival,departure and planned arrival,departure on all 4 stops. When I update these dates from the UI, there is no problem.
      The service time recalculation appears to happen only when I update the shipment via XML. No active agent is listening to the Ship Modified event.

      Thanks & Regards,