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    Has anybody used the wave managment / batch balancer functionality in OTM.. would be glad if the scenario with its setups could be shared so that we may try / undersatnd the same ... we do understand its for optimizing the loading of trucks at warehouses...


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    Re: Wave Managment

    I don't believe that anyone has this functionality in Production, but I have been doing some research and testing...take my notes for what they are worth:

    It looks as if Oracle developed Wave Management to be processed using Order Releases, rather than Shipments. This is the process that was expected:

    1. Integrate/Load Outbound Orders into OTM as Order Releases
    2. Run a Bulk Plan to optimize shipment routing
    3. Create a Wave Management Schedule in OTM
    4. Run the Wave Management Process in OTM keeping the shipments intact
    5. The result would be a batching schedule

    Instead the process is:

    1. Create a Wave Management Schedule in OTM
    2. Integrate Orders as Order Bases with Schedule IDs and Wave Management Order Types into OTM
    3. Release the Order Bases
    4. Launch the Wave Management Process using Order Releases
    5. OTM will both build and batch shipments simultaneously

    These are a few questions/issues I have:

    1. Does the Wave Management Algorithm produce the same shipment routing results as the Bulk Planner?
    2. The Wave Management performance results don’t seem to be captured on a single screen (as they are on the Bulk Plan Performance Tab).
    3. What if Order Bases are not part of the current process?
    · A CSV update of the Schedule ID and Wave Management Order Type on the Order Release doesn’t seem to solve the issue.
    · There must be something that goes on during the order base-to-order release process that attaches the release to the Schedule.
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