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  • OTM Sourcing Module


    Can anyone confirm which version would be most suitable for use if one like to go with sourcing module. Ofcourse, latest version available is 5.5.5. CU3 but has any one used 5.5.5 in production yet?

    Additionally, can someone confirm how good is the sourcing module in terms of features and how much customization is required in it?

    If a carrier has to reply back with a bid then can the response template handle complex cases of rating?

    Please confirm your experience.


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    Re: OTM Sourcing Module

    I have seen v5.5 CU05 RU02 in production, though there were some minor issues with scalability that will be addressed in RU03. While I haven't seen RU03 used in production, based on what I know I would think that it's the most suitable version for a customer to start on if they're looking to implement OTM.

    As for sourcing - you'll have to do a gap analysis. This module has a significant amount of functionality, but still may need further work, depending on the customer's needs. I have heard that this is improving significantly in v6.0.



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      Re: OTM Sourcing Module

      Thanks Chris.

      This will help.