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  • Denied party screening

    Dear Chris

    Regarding the Funtionality of Denied Party can you kindly some more clarity on the functionality,.

    As for Denied Party in OTM is Concerned a Denied Party in an Extenral System can be used or the Denied Party are created in OTM and asn ITL Profile is created and attached to the Domain.

    The Denied Party can be screened in three biz objects like order release,Shipment,Job.When actions Check for Denied parties is performed on an order release or shipment, all the denied Parties are listed and we can manually approve any party.

    By default there is an Internal Status as "ITL ORDER DENIED PARTY STATUS_ITL_ORDER_DENIED_PARTY_NO_CHECK "and when the action is performed or after listed when it manually approved the status changes to ITL_ORDER_DENIED_PARTY_ PASSED if the involved party is not in the denied party list. If the involved party is in the denied party list then the status changes to \ITL_ORDER_DENIED_PARTY_FAILED.

    Logically these shipments or order release should not be considered for planning. But OTM is not restricting planning. There is an work around to restrcit it using an agent.

    So request you for more clariity on this funtionality.