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Data Queries to be used as Alerts

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  • Data Queries to be used as Alerts


    There is an option under Business Process Automation > Process Management > Data Query. I was wondering if this could be used as an Alert generating application.

    For example i want to periodically poll the system and find out if there are any locations without Corporation ids.

    I select Data Query as Location
    Under the "Or On Condition" field I write the saved query
    The Notify field - Contact id with my email id
    In the Subject field - Locations without corporation id
    In the Header field - Locations without corporation id .

    I clicked Now and pressed Submit. I did not get an email I need to know what the output of this Alert looks like and if there is any additional configuration required to run this.


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    Re: Data Queries to be used as Alerts


    my 2 cents on your question :

    - make sure your contact has ""Notification on" ticked
    - try message center to exclude email problems
    - create a query that will generate some output; as per your description ("no corporation") it wont ever return results b/c the corp is mandatory on a location.

    I have just tested it and it works fine...



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      Re: Data Queries to be used as Alerts

      If you cannot get the Data Query to work as an alternative you should be able to create an Agent to check for the existence of a Corporation ID when a Location is created or updated. Then, send an email to a User when a Corporation ID does not exist or set the Corporation ID based on a look up table or default.