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Logging Mechanisms in OTM

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  • Logging Mechanisms in OTM

    Hi all,

    Can you please share different kinds of logging mechanisms available in OTM to debug issues?

    Nipun Lakhotia
    Nipun Lakhotia
    Manager, EY

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    Re: Logging Mechanisms in OTM

    As per online help:

    Logs: System and Integration

    Logs are accessed via the Process Management sub-menu item under most menus. For example, Order Management > Process Management.

    Log files record the time and severity of errors, warnings, and other system events. Log files are useful for monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance analysis.

    The following public data log files exist:

    the System log file, which by default, monitors system events of all severities (that is, debug and error messages, performance summaries and details, and warnings)

    Integration logs record events related to the integration of data, via XML schemas, between the database and external systems. These logs display the time, transmission number, code, and other statistics about integration events.

    You can also create new, custom log files to suit the needs of your system. For example, you can create log files that record events related to specific users.

    When viewing log files, the log viewer can navigate between backup files. Whenever you are viewing a particular backup file (either via a Search All Backups or an explicit backup view), clicking the Next link at the end of the file automatically moves to the next backup file.


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      Re: Logging Mechanisms in OTM

      You may also refer to Metalink Notes:
      387267.1 - Troubleshooting Oracle Transportation Management Issues -What To Turn On In The Logs
      562677.1 - Guide to Troubleshooting Shipment Planning Issues

      and online help topic
      Creating a Log File ( /planning/power_data/25_general/new_log_file.htm)
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