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display URL Link on the shipment results screen

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  • display URL Link on the shipment results screen

    We have requirement to display URL Link on the shipment results screen as shown in the attached image, Such that users will just click on the URL then it will go to the corresponding page.

    Please advise the solution for this.

    Sujana Sai P.

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    I have done similar kind of configure for one of the client where they have need of tracking url on shipment.
    I have used shipment remark to populate the info from custom prog. and I used remark qual as URL.The benefit of using URL qual is that, It will give you hyperlink automatically on any url which you add against it.
    Please let me know if you need more detail.


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      Currently it doesn't show the hyperlink on the finder result screen. Only in edit and view screens.There is an enhancement raised for this issue(Enhancement Bug 23241906)
      You will only be able to obtain it as a link only in edit mode and view screens. Also you can use smartlinks in addition to above reply
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        Thank you for this information. I attempted to add the Fourkites tracking URL to the shipment results screen using a refnum with the same failed results. According to the details in the enhancement bug mentioned previously, you can use a flex field to display a URL on the results screen. I have since tried this, and it does work.


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          Hi Jeff, I tried adding URL to flexfield as below, but it doesnt show as hyperlink in result screen. Can you please advise what am I missing here.

          '<a href=''''>google</a>'



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            Hi Vikram,
            My guess is that you need to edit the screen set, go to the results tab, click the More button next to the field with the URL, and check the Display as Link option. I just tested removing this check from this option, and it does remove the hyperlink. Rechecking it re-adds the hyperlink. I hope that works for you.



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              Hi Jeff, Thanks for the update. As shown in below screenshot, I dont see any option for "Display as Link" when I clicked on more button in screen set. Can you please share screenshots regarding same.

              Click image for larger version

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                Hi Jeff,

                We don't have a separate menu to create a custom flex feild since we are using old otm version i.e, 6.3.1.

                So as per vikram's above post, we are using attribute column as flex feild and trying to find the option for "Display as Link" when we clicked on more button in screen set
                But this option is not there on the screenset.

                Please advise if any other option is exists to display hyperlink on the screen.

                Sujana P.


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                  I am not sure of the limitations for v6.3.1 or any other options for displaying a URL. We are in the OTM cloud v19A. I have attached a couple of screen shots of our configuration.

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