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Setup a NFR stop after delivery

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  • [SOLVED] Setup a NFR stop after delivery

    Hello community.

    We're running an implementation in SA and our customer requires to setup the following scenario:

    Planning several orders in one multistop shipment starting in a Distribution Center and delivering orders in several stores within the same state (Buenos Aires). This shipment will have assigned a Truck(Power Unit) and a driver. Once the last store is delivered (last shipment stop with actual delivery) the truck shall return empty to the origin Distribution Center in order to start a new trip and be assigned to a new shipment.

    Could anybody advice if there's any setup within Fleet Management to achieve such scenario?

    Thanks in advance for any help.



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    Hi all.

    I was able to figure this out. I've added a new special service with type of Deadhead and sequence "After Unloading" and added it to Drivers and Power Units type.
    Once the shipment its planned and Driver assigned the (and option "drop empty after freight" is selected) the NFR stop is added as last stop onto the shipment.



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      Hello Uolivera,

      I have tried similar setup based on the steps mentioned by you how you figured out to create NFR stop, but for me its not working. Is a rate needed for NFR stop?
      Did i miss anything here that i am not aware of. can you confirm.



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        Unfortunatelly, I've configured this long time ago and currently don't have access to that instance anymore.

        Perhaps you can try to add a weighted rate cost for deadhead distance in the assigned rate to test and also check if your starting point could be considered as destination within you lane.

        Kind regards and good luck.